Nine (9) entered other graduate or professional programs, and six (6) found employment in teaching positions. Best PhD Programs in Philosophy by Carolyn Dicey Jennings What is the best PhD program in philosophy? Philosophy 707b Spring 2014 Political From Grotius to Kant (with Scott Shapriro and Gideon Yaffe) Philosophy 704a Fall 2013 First-Year Seminar (with Dan Greco) Philosophy 333a Fall 2013 Rationality (with Alex Worsnip) Philosophy 452b/652b Spring 2013 History of Early Modern Ethics; Philosophy 451a/651a Fall 2012 Violence and Human Dignity Placement success can be measured in multiple ways. We are excited by our track record of placing newly minted PhD’s in jobs both inside and outside higher education, both in the US and abroad. Program Statistics. Each table below provides placement outcomes for … The average values for these across programs are 43%, 12%, and $69,719, respectively. 2019. Included here is permanent academic placement rate, permanent academic placement rate into PhD-granting programs, and average salary. Placement: Previous Placement Stephen Campbell Prudential Value and the Appealing Life Gibbard Bentley University (TT) University of Pennsylvania Medical School (P) Coe College (P) Neil Mehta A Subjective Representationalist Approach to Phenomenal Experience Lormand / Egan Yales-NUS College (TT) Sven Nyholm Assistant Director of Graduate Studies: John Hare (Divinity) Teaching Group in Philosophy of Religion : Clifton Granby (Divinity), John Hare (Divinity), Jennifer Herdt (Divinity), Noreen Khawaja, John Pittard (Divinity) These guidelines are intended to provide information concerning the program in Philosophy of Religion within the Department of Religious Studies. The Report includes aggregate Graduate School data about Ph.D. admissions, enrollment, degree completion, and employment; this … The Classics and Philosophy Program is a combined PhD program, offered by the Departments of Philosophy and Classics at Yale, for students wishing to pursue graduate study in ancient philosophy. This page contains information on the placement of all our Ph.D's who graduated since 2000 and for whom we can obtain information. The following is a guest post* by Carolyn Dicey Jennings, associate professor of philosophy and cognitive science at University of California, Merced, and the principal investigator for the project, Academic Placement Data and Analysis (APDA) A version of this post first appeared at the APDA site. placement 1996-2020 The following list supplies our latest information about the employment status of each of the students who have received (or anticipate receiving) their Ph.D. in our Philosophy Program since 1996 (names have been omitted). The Graduate School regularly collects and reviews program information on behalf of departments and the University. Some recent data on hirings at top-ranked departments ... Corporeal Unity in Stoic Philosophy. The following is a list of current positions of all graduate students who have received the Ph.D. and left NYU since the graduate program was restarted in 1997 as well as current Ph.D. students who hold positions at other universities. Placement Yale Classics has trained many leaders in the profession of Classics and related fields. The directory is organized by the year in which our students defended their dissertations Detailed Placement Record, 2007-present. Job Placement Information. The remainder have pursued a variety of career paths, having been enriched by their study of philosophy. Placement etc. Year: 2015-16 Childers, David: Carnegie Mellon University: Caro-Burnett, Johann: Hiroshima University: Esposito, Federico: Tufts University: Friedrich, Benjamin All regular tenure-track positions are noted with a TT.

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