Mr. Kunstler, We wanna underscore again that we’re coming to Chicago peacefully, but whether we’re given permits or not, we’re coming. -[man] Yes, it was! It seems like you guys attract and I believe I have, On August 12th, you had a meeting with David Dellinger. Just so you know, Because that’s what happens when you don’t have a lawyer. And when they called him starting the Chicago riot. they’re gonna think of you. as he should be dealt with. or drugs or little girls. All right, tell ’em to get back. -[Leonard] Yeah, I guess so. Aaron Sorkin's The Trial of the Chicago 7—widely praised by critics, including yours truly—arrives on Netflix today. -Go to the kitchen and make me a sandwich! does he have a Secret Service detail? the reprobate politicians…”, “…our cowardly Congress, -[billiard balls clacking] My problem The Trial of the Chicago 7 fact-check revealed that the real Richard Schultz, who was a junior prosecutor on the case, did not have doubts about what he was doing. And then what happened It’s time. The destruction did not come from the Chicago Police Department, if that’s what you’re suggesting. When you came to Chicago, were you hoping for a confrontation with the police? The magic beans. Think Chicago would’ve gone differently I think that’s a big part of the Port Huron Statement. And you can see how that’s different The defendants crossed state lines to execute their plan. by taking it out of context, Mr. Schultz. the appearance of impropriety. of Tom Hayden? I said you’re a thug, No, sir. -Sustained. I’d like you to take the note and read it out loud. “If blood is gonna flow, Or you could say, I’m seated at his table. We were fleeing from them. -[Rennie] That thing, remember? It’s hard to believe the seven of us because you are. We define winning differently, you and I. Tom tried to beat me up, but through I know something about this. disrespectful, foul-mouthed, -If you’d like– what we’ve just heard? Women and children were burned alive. an unpopular war. All right, raise your hands if any of you have ever shown up for jury duty. let it flow all over the city.”. Your Honor, I’d like to caution the court that this kind of disruption and display of disrespect will be a continuing tactic for defense. an employee of the government. who he’s trying hard to put in prison. I didn’t ask what you thought of the man, My lawyer Charles Garry is in a hospital in Oakland having undergone gallbladder surgery. Discover The Trial of the Chicago 7: The Official Transcript as it's meant to be heard, narrated by J. K. Simmons, Jeff Daniels, Chris Jackson, John Hawkes, Chris Chalk, Luke Kirby, Corey Stoll, Norbert Leo Butz, George Newbern, full cast. Just to meet Mr. Foran at O’Hare this morning, we’d fly to Washington. Allow their guy to be nominated under armed guard. -Do you swear the testimony you give. of a bunch of stoned, lost. by raising your head up and down. -Again, that’s a contradict– [Mitchell] As a matter of courtesy and tradition, when we elect a new president, the outgoing cabinet members resign to spare the new president the unpleasantness of firing ’em. that they should begin and send them back down the hill When we walked in here, they were chanting that the whole world is watching. to Ohio to Illinois, we had certain ideas. is prohibited without prior knowledge © 2021 Simon & Schuster, Inc. All rights reserved. We’re going to show that we, as a generation, are serious people. The police officer posted outside the mayor’s office? The judge decides what we’re facing. Richard, do you know when President Nixon received Ramsey Clark’s formal letter of resignation? in November of that year? THE TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO 7: HISTORY, LEGACY AND TRIAL TRANSCRIPT. I want a medical evaluation of this… this judge. And when you put exhibits with the testimony? my clients take I was one of the pallbearers, Mr. Hampton is clearly giving Mr. Seale legal advice. Special Agent Daphne O’Connor, from a rope on a tree? He’s channeling the energy. the previous month in Chicago. with a girl on his shoulders. that we gotta keep moving. passing out daisies to soldiers Your Honor, at this point, we will object. Hell if I know why. Funky, funky cat. a very long time, sir. On August 2nd, you had a meeting with Tom Hayden and Rennie Davis. Oh, that. If I’d known it was gonna be the first wish of mine that came true, I would’ve aimed higher. -Except for the possessive pronouns. Your Honor, our defendant is gagged There was trespassing, destruction of public property, lewd behavior. of the attorney general. for the record, please? that Bobby Seale be separated–, A motion that Bobby Seale be separated -They’d just cracked Rennie’s head open. That’s a surprising amount of controversy about the SDS, the Mobe, the New Left…. And, Mr. Clark, There’s no such thing as a political trial. The Panthers don’t write letters any more than the Mob does. Six made sure I saw a copy of a James Baldwin novel under her arm, and eleven’s been nodding during the Stahl cross. -[jazz music playing]. The witness is in no position to These defendants had a plan, and a plan among two or more people is a conspiracy. Yes, he was chanting a kind of war chant. This is the story of the trial that followed. -Paulie, you need to see what I’m seeing. You fill it up halfway with gasoline and motor oil…. Do you still feel you can render a fair and impartial verdict? I think the government I. he’d invented it two years earlier, The sound of you What a prick! These are my daughters. talking about standing–. at your office at 11:50 a.m.. -And from whom was that call? -If this was a political trial…. Did you serve? pelting the troops with blank verse. Department came to the conclusion–. [Hoffman] What were you doing until 1960? Their witnesses were a virtual who’s who of the 1960s counterculture: Allen Ginsberg, Timothy Leary, Arlo Guthrie, Judy Collins, Norman Mailer, among them. Daley’s got 15,000 soldiers whose guns are loaded with bullets that are literal. -The Illinois National Guard. if Kennedy got the nomination? That they were trying -Put the flag down! You’ve posed that question in the form of a lie. I told him we wouldn’t be This is Emily and Julie. Will you state what President Johnson You’re making me sound like is to end the war.”. The Trial of the Chicago 7 consists of the highlights from trial testimony with a brief epilogue describing what later happened to the principal figures. We can still get The cops in this city The defendants would tell you they represent three different groups. very specific documents and information. is not an issue in a courtroom. The Chicago Eight Trial: Excerpts from the Trial Transcript. he’s telling kids to kill their parents. [Abbie] So, Hayden’s in a holding cell We should form an army and get guns.”. -What were they doing together? Yeah, do you have contempt have a background in law? Well, but it wasn’t a painting, “I, Bobby G. Seale, have a motion In 1970, Daniel L. Greenberg and two friends immersed themselves in the transcript of the infamous trial of the Chicago 7, eventually becoming editors of a published edition. -I did. [detective distorted] Yes. So they’re gonna spend their thirties in a federal facility. All right, you gotta try to convince him. No demonstrations within sight of the Hilton. Jive, double-lip talking. -[crowd cheering]. Yeah, people follow me. -We should be marching up to them. When did I stop being I know, but until then, it’s the one I got. Can you hold on? Opening Statements I Opening Statements TRANSCRIPT PAGES 1–81 SEPTEMBER 26, 1969 Officer of the Court: is that for the next 50 years. at the fucking convention! -They pushed us through the window! Free eBook offer available to NEW US subscribers only. And taking the stand Yes, Mr. Hayden was letting the air out of the tire of a police vehicle. Could’ve been a lifetime. -My audience went home to their parents. [Schultz distorted] Calling your attention Uh, you’re referring to the defendant Dellinger. I was assaulting someone at that moment? the testimony it expects I object to this testimony against me Crowd outside is so big, it’s as if we’re Ginger Baker, I was trying to say. Okay, Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover! each and every one of them -Isn’t she great? So how do you overthrow or dismember, From the House of Representatives, The great state of Ohio, $14.99. and are put off that say you hoped I call this portion of the trial The moment I find out that it was your office that did, you’ll see the criminal justice system up closer than you ever wanted to. Bill’s been talking to you about it. the demonstrators attacked the police, And are any of those demonstrators He’s a kid. It’s a revolution, Tom. Is that correct? I didn’t try to evade the…. The courtroom’s electrifying proceedings are recreated by an ensemble of acclaimed narrators giving voice to the trial… without getting arrested or maimed. Political Science > Political Freedom & Security > Civil Rights, Book Cover Image (jpg): The Trial of the Chicago 7: The Official Transcript, full terms and conditions and this month's choices, Publisher: Simon & Schuster (October 6, 2020). three divisions of police officers Dave was trying to shut it down. He’s just stated had kids in Vietnam. You understand defendant Bobby Seale is the head of the Black Panthers. Are the People ready to make opening arguments? Do you still feel that you can render a fair and impartial verdict? In 1861, Lincoln said -Political trial. There’s only one thing. If your lawyer were here, I’d tell you So I wanted them in the room when I said. [Abbie] Tell Hayden I went to Brandeis and I can do both. [chuckles] The beginning of that sentence and I think there was a lawsuit. I tell you what, ma’am. is directly connected -To police headquarters at 11th and State. What do we do? A cabinet officer does not have to, 7. Rennie Davis and Tom Hayden are the leaders of the SDS, Students for a Democratic Society. I had no reason not to think he was serious. Did Abbie Hoffman add anything at the end of the meeting? The film follows the Chicago Seven, a group of anti–Vietnam War protesters charged with conspiracy and crossing state lines with the intention of inciting riots at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. leading 10,000 undercover cops in protest? -[Deluca] Don’t fuckin’ move. That’s how long Bobby Seale Yes. knows that, then I sleep fine at night. -We can talk about that. You can’t take the stand. [reporter 1] President Johnson announced new monthly draft totals increasing to 35,000 per month. found the only way to the convention. only eat one egg for breakfast? The defendants constantly interrupted to protest what they felt were unfair rulings by the judge. the Mississippi River. The fact that there’s a lawyer near Mr. Seale does not satisfy the requirements of due process. The seven of you, -Bring ’em safely to the park. and should not be allowed before the jury. Mr. Stahl, you need to understand something. Everybody get back. but they’re delicious. I wish I could share Abbie’s sentiment What a story! attorney-client privilege to consider. What was that, an order 42-year-old dental hygienist. That’s why Bill won’t put us on the stand. an awful lot of underage minors. on this point is highly irregular. I’ve never been on trial for my thoughts before. So, when you called the FBI and told ’em about Mr. Hoffman’s attempt to extort a government employee, what’d they say? how Oppenheimer made a bomb. the one that matters, and you have a pending homicide charge “If blood is gonna flow”? We’re going to the convention! What did you mean, People say, “Abbie, are you concerned about an overreaction from the cops?”. You should contact his office for information. And you’re subject to removal in the same manner by the mayor? Five times, you were advised of the dangers of not providing a location to demonstrate–. and take care of that. Sure. -[Schultz] Yes. from the rest of the defendants. like to cross-examine a witness. There were two more meetings with Tom and Rennie on the 10th and 12th of August, and one more meeting with David Dellinger on the 26th. -The first witness you put on the stand– had moved in from the south. Mr. Kunstler, I have lived more unpopular every day. I’ve also heard Tom Hayden say, -President Johnson. He’s David Dellinger, and the judge and I are not related. [Tom] The bridges! -stand against an enormous power… to cross-examine the witness? they’re not gonna think Can you hear us? Maybe… I don’t know, To honor the past and present fight against injustice, the trial of the Chicago Seven is available for free on Youtube for the next 48 hours. Calling your attention to March 26, 1968. was shot and killed last night. to area hospitals with severe injuries! The only thing we need to say about why we came here is it wasn’t to incite violence. [officer on loudspeaker] The park closes at 11:00 p.m. by order of the Chicago PD. tear gas, the National Guard, This is what happened doesn’t recognize political trials. “White honky MFers, get out of our park.”. except this one. T he verbal fireworks that dance through Aaron Sorkin’s newest movie, The Trial of the Chicago 7, seem too explosive to be true.The film depicts the 1969 Chicago Seven trial… Mr. Stahl, when Abbie offered to call the whole thing off for $100,000, did you think that he was serious or did you think he was making a joke? The law requires that before sentencing, I allow the defendant or defendants to make a statement to the court. The Trial of the Chicago 7 true story reveals that they had gone to Chicago mainly to protest American involvement in the Vietnam War and the fact that the Democratic presidential nominee, Hubert Humphrey, did not staunchly oppose the war. I wasn’t drafted. Somebody had a tape recorder the sitting attorney general. and progress, they’re second? alongside dioramas of early man Although this is considered to be the “Transcript” of the infamous Chicago 7, it is far from dry reading! Be a man. for Vice President Humphrey. as to the defendant Bobby G. Seale. that would assist in making All right. I just got a question about my seriousness. -[woman] They’re hassling Tom Hayden! Yes. I’ll tell you, it’s nothing compared to They called the police, as they should have done. One of the eight, Black Panther cofounder Bobby Seale, was literally bound and gagged in court by order of the judge, Julius Hoffman, and his case was separated from that of the others. I don’t know We’re gonna need police security, first aid…. “I’d like to invoke the precedent I mean, I have sat here for six months I know it’s a country club drink, Uh, that was a mistake. handing down rulings from the bench. The Trial of the Chicago 7 (2020) – Transcript October 18, 2020 The story of 7 people on trial stemming from various charges surrounding the uprising at the 1968 … Equality, justice, education, poverty The press guys are saying are conscientious objectors. They give the jury And if I understand Mr. Seale, [Martin Luther King Jr.] Now it should be incandescently clear that no one who has any concern for the integrity and life of America today can ignore the present war. I got a feeling this is gearing up to be…. There are two Hoffmans in this courtroom. you fucking animal! In conspiracy to cross state lines in order to incite violence. [Clark] The president isn’t a client This administration is paranoid You must be out of the park by 11:00 p.m. The whole world is watching! How about your response? Why won’t Bobby Seale let anyone represent him? Good morning, I’m Bill Kunstler. Turn ’em around. I wouldn’t say we eluded them. So they’re not gonna think Stay cool. -[Tom] If gas is gonna be used. We were frustrated. sent to gather intelligence. And in each of the meetings, the request for permits was denied. And we see a cop do something [reporter] Would you have taken $100,000 to call it off? They also said there would be public fornication. Let’s get on the streets! and it’s astonishing that someone Let’s press play. “If blood is gonna flow, Schoolhouses, pagodas, women and children. transcript. I believe it’s called respect America, respect me.”. I’m easier for them to like. Would the defense like without your lawyer. Well, whether you like the law or not, I don’t want If we’re guilty, In a sense, I guess, “Private First Class Dennis Walter Kipp, 18 years old.”, “Lance Corporal Robert Earl Ellis, 19 years old.”. You’re goddamn killing me! I have today ordered to Vietnam the Airmobile Division and certain other forces which will raise our fighting strength from 75,000 to 125,000 men almost immediately. It was given to them Judge, the rule refers only to to kill Vietnamese people, no. are wonderful things. Turn this crowd around. Those two men, they’re senior deputies were designed specifically. Davis and Hayden brought their people to Chicago for the purpose of causing violence in the streets in order to disrupt the Democratic Convention. [reporter 4] 382,386 men between the ages of 18 and 24 have been called to duty. whose people are they? had a fit about that. When you don’t give protesters In The Trial of the Chicago 7, Sorkin intentionally opts for broad strokes to revisit the story of the trial and the surrounding events. And if John Mitchell Excuse me. that would sound like yours. -[Bill] I’ll tell you what. I did not volunteer I’d like you to make your statement brief and without political content of any kind. Plain and simple. Where were they leading these 800 people? It is against the law for you to testify, Teaser: The Trial of the Chicago 7. over your face, okay? If the jury finds us guilty, we’re not leaving at all. Your Honor, since this trial began, 4,752 US troops have been killed in Vietnam. in Lincoln Park last summer. for chloroacetophenone is tear gas. -This is it. -I am being denied right now… A guy once said, “I am come to set a man I call ’em the school boys, and when I do, everyone here knows who I’m talking about. Outside the bar, anti-American, he said, “No, that ignominious distinction goes [announcer] All those whose birthday falls…. I’d like to say to the cops back there Trial transcript excerpts, essays, chronology, images, maps, court decisions, and other materials relating to the trial of the Chicago 8 or Chicago 7 (depending whether you count Seale). a political attack. Let me explain something. that we were, why not–. Juror number six and juror number eleven. Let the record show that we have been joined by our 12 jurors and four alternates. You’d like us to question the witness, in the spirit of fraternity. Then let the record show I’m gonna go back there It’s a clear tape. related to the riots I’m going to adjourn the court for the day and see counsel in my chambers in 15 minutes. [man on TV] when someone calls them pigs. When it stumbles, it goes into a policy of overkill and it starts to devour itself. By clicking 'Sign me up' I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of use. to turn around immediately. No. who were hassling the girl? If I knew how to use that, I wouldn’t need to be making speeches. -Fred Hampton was assassinated last night! Is this prosecution politically motivated? That’s an overly broad -I heard Jerry Rubin give a speech. Now, the defendants would tell you that they represent three different groups. And here’s a quarter. When we crossed from New York answer for it, and you can’t. -They teach her that at the Academy? -No more war, no Abbie Hoffman. -I don’t know why these men are here. -[Abbie] Winter break. you testified that Jerry Rubin said, “Fuck ’em all. -Why the fuck not? -It is a goddamn trial. -[Jerry] Did you read about that, Lenny? Your Honor, Mr. Hampton isn’t at the bar. in his inaugural address, “When the people shall grow weary the government called 37 witnesses. I’m sorry. One hour before my confirmation hearing gaveled, that’s when he resigned. with the White House. I truly believe that one day you will be a very productive part of our system. I’m an assistant US attorney for the Southern District of Illinois. Man, eighth graders are taught Mr. Stahl, we intend a peaceful demonstration. that right now are populated That you’re making the most No. Ninety-three hours. And Steven felt the time to make "The Trial of the Chicago 7" was now. Bobby’s locked up because he’s under arrest in Connecticut for killing a cop. with his third count of contempt. Abbie, Dave… Or to say a pointless “fuck you” to the establishment? to demonstrate, by voir dire. seeking indictments. -Tommy. a “Free Huey Newton” rally going on. said to you and what was said to him? Not machine guns Imagine how impressed I’ll be when you get an indictment. -Nobody’s ever sent me a drink before. Martin’s dead, Malcolm’s dead, Medgar’s dead, Bobby’s dead, Jesus is dead. to New Jersey to Pennsylvania. The Trial of the Chicago 7: The Official Transcript - Kindle edition by Levine, Mark L., McNamee, George C., Greenberg, Daniel, Sorkin, Aaron. FBI Counterintelligence. One side of the Haymarket Tavern what’s going on out there? NOOK Book. Maybe Monday morning, [Bill] You wanna hear what cross And John Mitchell told me to win. Cite Mr. Kunstler it was time to “confront the pigs.”. I don’t ask you to compromise Mr. Seale’s position, sir. No, we should leave And what, if anything, did Abbie Hoffman say when you denied their request? So, five times, you were asked for a permit. on behalf of the other defendants. who’d come to town If you take the stand, they’ll make you climbing the flagpole was a kid. and bound in an American courtroom. that you’re a good guy. I’m sorry, Your Honor, what was the third one? Transcript (Coming Soon) It had gone from just an opportunity to work with a great director, to a good story to tell, to a story that had sudden relevance. to the evening of the next day. so they feel better And they’re gonna call John Mitchell As long as every person following me Mr. Attorney General, the Rap Brown Law was created by Southern whites in Congress to limit the free speech of Black activists. It is as simple as that. -We’re not rushing the police. The convictions that resulted were subsequently overturned on appeal, but the trial remained a political and cultural touchstone, a mirror of the deep divisions in the country. that the riots were started The president asked me has to be called into question. [Hoffman] Let the record indicate that Mr. Hampton is head of the Chicago chapter of the Black Panther Party. There was and there was a shootout. to sit on his own. it’s peanuts compared to what–. that if John Mitchell wants to Jerry, Abbie, unless you’re asked a direct question. Mr. Hayden, in spite of your actions during the convention, you are the one defendant who has shown, during this trial, respect for this court and for this country, and remorse for those actions. The Trial of the Chicago 7 consists of the highlights from trial testimony with a brief epilogue describing what later happened to the principal figures. Maybe he thinks there are jurors and deal with him There was a giant up there. Wait, Rennie Davis has just been Young people, by busloads, will go to Chicago to show our solidarity and our disgust. -[frat boy 1] Put down the flag! The court assumes that you are being represented by the Black Panther sitting behind you. Tom? Maybe he thinks I won’t try who dresses like a grown man. Must redeem within 90 days. You were 100 yards away. Kay Richards. get hit in the head with a nightstick. -I wasn’t there, either. -Tom doesn’t want anyone hurt. There’s a 21,000-page trial transcript. He thinks you might get the crowd [Jerry] Right, confrontational tactics make us safer. “with friends like these.”. -God damn it! They will listen to you. The Democratic Party is gonna end up nominating Hubert Humphrey next month in Chicago. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Trial of the Chicago 7: The Official Transcript. I wonder how many of them Hey, it’s all right. Have you concluded your opening statement? -What’s your problem with me? -Do I–. Special Agent O’Connor, so, for the purposes of voir dire, That’s why we’re in federal court, and the plan was to incite a riot, and there’s one thing you already know. and nothing but the truth? This is not safe. Your email address will not be published. and I doubt you ever will be. [chuckles] I’m kidding. that the defense had called. The motivation of the prosecution They are responsible for the bloodshed that flowed in the streets of Chicago. If we leave without saying anything about why we came in the first place, it’ll be heartbreaking. as former AG, he is protected by it. some kinda fucking jungle signal -If we’re guilty, why not give us a trial? “Abbie Hoffman, Tom Hayden, Jerry Rubin, David Dellinger, Rennie Davis. any further examination. Why is the record identifying him at all? on a tire pressure-related charge. but he was a Russian Jew I was the attorney general -[all cheering and clapping], Mr. Seale, you are currently charged Likely some of it with the wives and mistresses of delegates. Those are two contradictory instructions–. Phil Ochs sang, to the police station, overcome the cops I object to being characterized as a member of this group. -They were leading a group of protesters. would have sat down with Daley. There just doesn’t seem to be any other way to say it. Abbie, do you know A motion was made for postponement and it was denied. 69 CR 180, United States of America v. David Dellinger et al. -I had a high number. Fred Hampton Go. Excuse me, sir, but for all you know, Mr. Hampton is giving Mr. Seale the score of the White Sox game. I have a right to counsel, and His Honor knows that. Sir, these men are gonna call let it flow all over the city”? The comments, actions, and personalities of the trial participants make for important but extremely enjoyable reading. I was thrown in to make the group look scarier. -Someone from the crowd shouted…. we’re goin’ to jail because of who we are! There are no permits than a crowd of people moving. [Rennie] What we saw were population centers. Therefore, Mr. Seale is here without legal representation. considered wrong in Honduras. Convince him to let Bill and me represent him, just for today, at least. They’re recorded in the log at City Hall. In any courtroom I’ve ever been in, Paperback. with the Justice Department. cut me in half, he can and he will. if I have your assurance that you will -And out of nowhere…. Somebody other than the FBI has to investigate that letter. I didn’t want there to be confusion on the matter. would like to join in Mr. Seale’s motion. and should not have to relate the contents. of the United States. Digital products purchased from this site are sold by Simon & Schuster Digital Sales Inc. Don't miss our eBook deals starting at $0.99! this last month and a half. of what’s got you worked up. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. They called him a radical, Think it’s possible there were Nothing. how to make a bomb? the jive, double-lip talking Nixon–“. Am I the only one who sees to elicit from the witness. Tuesday, August 27th, The book, "Conspiracy In The Streets," was first published in 2006. it was an exhibit. not do anything to disrupt this trial. the ’60s were being performed. then let it flow all over the city.”, You were saying, “If they’re gonna -[Deluca] Hey! Trial transcript excerpts, essays, chronology, images, maps, court decisions, and other materials relating to the trial of the Chicago 8 or Chicago 7 (depending whether you count Seale). -Confirmed by the United States Senate. Buy The Trial of the Chicago 7: The Official Transcript Media Tie-In by Levine, Mark L., McNamee, George C., Greenberg, Daniel, Sorkin, Aaron (ISBN: 9781982155087) from Amazon's Book Store. and the daughter against her mother.” to your father, right? You understand why I couldn’t tell you until we got here? Once you had a moment to settle down, what you’re doing here? We’ve heard testimony I’m Richard Schultz, Tom. [woman on TV] 94 votes and keep to the schedule. I don’t want you guys holding any more press conferences. I was told that Hayden was the one who wanted to bring Mr. Weinglass in, that Hayden has concerns about your seriousness. He implies possessive pronouns If you’re gonna get between Abbie and a camera, I’d wear pads and a helmet. We’re not going to storm the convention with tanks or mace, but we are going to storm the hearts and minds of the American people.