I think this rivalry between both groups goes back to some clashes between the groups and because these groups are in fact two of the best, if not the two best Ultra groups in Germany, while Frankfurt is admittedly a bit better than us. Because during that time there was a real good relationship between the groups at Paris, we watched some matches with the Supras as well and one day we were invited to their local. Many translated example sentences containing "Wilde horde" – German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations. I think Cologne Fans are a bit jealous of Leverkusen, concerning their development. Wild Steelbloom is an herb gatherable by herbalists that can be found in level 7-30 zones. But as we mentioned before: We have no pinots of contacts to them.UT: Please say something about the general scene of cologne and your relation to the other fans ?WH96: Cologne’s general scene is very large. Furthermore, we installed an advisory board (nine persons) which supports and controls the directing committee in all important tasks of the group. All together, it is quite interesting that about 10 to 12 clubs in first and second Bundesliga are so tight together, while the other clubs are spread all over north, east and south of the country. Sections, etc. Many clubs, who played the European cup before the wall fell, are now only playing in Germany’s third or fourth division but have a big crowd and a long-lasting fan-tradition. Some known groups are: Streetfighters, Northside Boyz or Südstadt Boyz. There is many more unemployment and are much more social problems in the eastern part of Germany, and I think this social difference is shown in football too. So it is quite a real number, which shows, how many people follow Cologne. Video of My Name Is Nobody : The Wilde Horde (Ennio Morricone) - HD for प्रशंसकों of whatsupbugs. The first groups were founded in middle of the 90’s, a time where groups in Italy or the rest of southern Europe existed for almost 30 years. Sometimes you feel more observed as football fan, than a criminal. Two demonstrations against modern fooball and for traditional football culture were organised by all groups and fans all over the country and some groups are very committed. In questions of quantity and quality, these two groups are for sure the best Germany has to show. What was bad for the club, was good for WH96 and the rest of these Supporters, who went to all games.As second Bundesliga games are played on Fridays, Sundays and Mondays or even in mid-week, only the supporters, who are allways and everywhere, went to the away games. That’s not a high number in comparison to other scenes or groups. Dieses Forum wird von Forumieren kostenlos gehostet. Stressfree, “go at your own pace” gameplay, perfect for every schedule! Territory Includes free vocabulary trainer, verb tables and pronunciation function. We will see what will happen until summer. Groups and Stands in Marseille, St. Etienne or Paris are very impressive! Many Cologne fans, for example, like to go to away games at Bochum because they have one of nicest stadias in Germany for away fans supporting their team. Members. Join Ultras-Tifo Shop newsletter to receive the latest updates and shop promotions. www.wh96.deUT: Tell us a bit of the history of the Ultra movement in Cologne and especially about the Wilde Horde:WH96: before the WILDE HORDE started, there was another group at Cologne, that had a bit of the ultra touch, the “Ultras C.C.A.A.”, which were founded in 1994. how many stadium-bans Cologne have) and where are the problems with repression in Germany (stadium-bans, forbidden choreos, etc.) It is logical, that nobody forgets his political position when watching 90 minutes of football.However, we are proud to say: no politics in our stands – 100% for our scene and our club! Beside the two “ultra groups” Wilde Horde and Boyz you have some good groups to name: Rheinmacht, Troika Köln, RE7-Crew, Cologne Power East Belgium, Köln-Süd, FC-Forum, High Society Pulheim, Bad GodesberG, Cologne Patriots, ABSCHAUM or Cologne-Billy Goats. Have a hoedown by sharing the headset amongst friends and compete for the high score! By the younger generation like us, Bayer Leverkusen is more hatred, because they played very good football in the last ten years since our group and the boys around us go to Cologne Games. How do you want to widespread the Ultra mentality ?WH96: Our plans for the future are our aims: to stay critical to modern football and to do everything we can, to solve the problems. The WH96 then started slowly. We ware proud to represent the colours and things of our city. To see the pulsating life at Cologne, I can only advise every reader of this interview to come to Cologne at carnival, which is always held the middle of February and lasts six days. Discussion forum for Pandemic Horde. But we are proud to be like we are. They organise ticketing for away games, or care for disabled fans at home games, for example. In contrast, the rivalry to Alemannia Aachen is not that intensive for us. But we’re not a violent group and violence is not the first priority for us, anyway it’s sometimes a matter in our group.UT: Cologne is a very special town in Germany, the people of Cologne have their own dialect, carnival etc. So we keep our city clean from symbols of other groups. Here, you must think of the contrast the clubs have to each other: on the one side Cologne, big club, big city, many fans, big stadium, but playing shite football for the last 15 years, on the other side Leverkusen, small industrial club, small city, only interesting thing is the company Bayer, but playing good football and regularly participating in European Cups. So, the group is hardly affected by stadium-bans. This type of fan movement went very quiet since it was decided, that Germany was to organise the world cup in 2006. The first very good tifos were made. New Member. ?WH96: : It is crazy how police and officials of german football association and league association create dramas! When going to away games, it is the opposite: you hardly get anything allowed. We have seven sections. Normally, you have bigger country parts or counties, that have an own mentality, and not a single city. Due to some incidents at away games, the club personalised all away tickets for our fans. But you have many people here, who are very proud of everything that concerning THEIR city. Das Kinder- und Jugendzentrum in unmittelbarer Nähe zum Kölnberg ist ein wichtiger Anlaufpunkt für alle in Meschenich lebenden Kinder und Jugendlichen. Di wilde horde ear wiedr startbereit.olle kemmen heit af prod. Relation to this clubs is great. Hallo Mitspieler/innen ab heute liegen alle Hilfen, die sich bis jetzt angesammelt haben, auf https://dk.nshift.de für alle Spieler/innen von Drachenkrieger zur Verfügung. Name--Nick: Wilde Horde Hamburg: Member since: 03/04/17: Age / Gender-/ ? Menu. It was hard as a Cologne fan, to see Leverkusen play a Champions League final in Mai 2002, while we were relegating to Second Bundesliga for the 2nd time. Since Streetart became more popular in the german movemet, the stickerwar broke out. UT: The modern football evolves more and more, how the scene is affected by this development and what do the WH against them ?WH96: Like everybody in Germany or Europe who really loves football, and not only consumes it like a cinema film, we are not amused about how things go on in times of modern football. What's new. Many fans didn’t agree with that and this was the reason to found a united Supporters-Club-Association. It is complicated to understand their organisation. We have the opinion, that to ban somebody from a stadium is not the right solution to solve the problem. Regular meetings are held four or five times a year. We do not want to play Champions League just because of a factory’s money and not because of good work done buy our officials of our club, we want to see real football. We think, only all scenes can change something together. Check our PRIVACY POLICY. A fact, possibly become by the sociel problems at that part of the country. Joined May 30, 2019 Messages 0 Likes 0 Points 0 Find. Look up the German to Latin translation of Wilde Horde in the PONS online dictionary. Cologne is in fact non-political at football. Erstellen Sie Ihr eigenes Forum mit unserem Hosting-Service. Concerning the clubs of the Ruhrvalley, there are some special opponents like FC Schalke 04, Borussia Dortmund, VfL Bochum, Rot-Weiss Essen, and some others. There are some other groups in town, too. Ich bedanke mich bei Decimo von Server 13 (alt Server 12) für die Bereitstellung seiner Informationen (und seinen Kommentaren ) , We can learn many things from Supras, just as well they can learn some things from us. They have a good potential. Play Horde Siege - Use your bow to protect the castle for 25 days from the horde of enemies. In the meantime, two of our members made a part of their studies at Paris and stayed there for about half a year. *Now, the hordes are more similar to other countries, but different enough to make playing them a separate. As we have about 500 members, many members of our group are spread all over the region. There's a weird car horn playing Flight Of The Valkyries. How to abbreviate Wilde Horde? From day one we found each other very sympathetic and so the friendship begun. Often, small things last, to get a stupid ban. ESL Play is the world's largest independent league for esports. We visited their 5-years party and they also visited our big 10-years party with almost their whole group. This meant, that everybody, who wanted to order tickets for away games, had to give his personal details like name, address and date of birth. At the first relegation in the club’s history of our team Cologne F.C. Clubs like FC Magdeburg, Lokomotive and Chemie Leipzig, Union Berlin, BFC Dynamo Berlin or Chemnitzer FC, to name some of them, have suffered from the reunion of Germany, as the absence of money caused and causes many problems to these clubs. In the meantime we got most known and biggest group at Cologne and are very respected all over the country as one of the best organised Ultra Groups in Germany. So they invented a sport: Rockball. There are some good groups at East Germany, like them from Hansa Rostock, Dynamo Dresden oder Chemie Leipzig. Furthermore we organise a charity campaign at christmas time called “Horde Karitativ” regularly every year. www.ultras-tifo.net © 2004 Hosted by WebhostMS. I think every rivalry to those three clubs is different and special in its form. Free, no pay to win gameplay. They must be about 50 lads at the moment. But, at the end, it is difficult to compare these styles of living ultra’!UT: The Wilde Horde have a friendship with the Supras Auteuil Paris, could you describe how that friendship starts and how the friendship grow and please tell us about other friendships or contacts.WH96: That’s right, we’re having a very intensive friendship to Supras Auteuil from Paris SG, France. If anybody is interested, just visit our website: www.wh96.de UT: The name Wilde Horde is very special what does the name mean and why did you chose this name ?WH96: Yes, you’re right, the name of our group is the most uncommon of the older german groups. Cologne always had many violent fans, and was very respected in the whole country, for their mob.