His documentaries include Nelson Mandela: The Myth and Me and Story of a Beautiful Country, a road movie that explores post-apartheid South Africa. If you're a fan of any of the three categories, some good news: 2021's slate of documentaries is stuffed with all three. 7. Alicia Adejobi Tuesday 9 Feb 2021 2:41 pm. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of these documentaries is that they take such an in-depth look at the human psyche, showing how little it takes to convince people into doing terrible things. Director: Andrew Jarecki | Stars: Arnold Friedman, Jesse Friedman, David Friedman, Elaine Friedman. Must-See-Documentary about heroin addiction and drug addiction. Documentary on the Friedmans, a seemingly typical, upper-middle-class Jewish family whose world is instantly transformed when the father and his youngest son are arrested and charged with shocking and horrible crimes. In my opinion, these are the hundred greatest ever documentaries on human conflicts (and the politics behind them,) mainly dealing with modern wars from the 19th century onwards such as WW1, WW2, Vietnam, The Cold War, American Civil War, Syria and "The War On Terror" I will be adding more documentaries to this list as I watch them. As our society’s interest in food grows, so has the number of food documentaries. Food documentaries can frame complex information in a more interesting and active way, especially for the visual learners. Kitty's murder is also a major reason why the US … 90 votes, 13 comments. after the shocking documentary reached the eyes of the public. Posted by 3 days ago. RELATED: 5 Stand Alone Documentaries To Watch On Netflix Today (& 5 Docu-Series) As famous as this documentary is, its not perfect. This is a documentary that had a major impact in a number of ways. Report Save. Facebook Twitter Reddit. 4.3k. … → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-LooperHeads up! What a wild ride .. BOX BELOW! I have a few contributions in the same sort of vein... "Hunting Britain's Paedophiles" - This is a three-part film made by the BBC, each one 90 minutes in length, so if you watch the entire thing in one sitting as I did, it can be very difficult and overwhelming. level 2. Today we’re sharing our 25 Best Food Documentaries to Watch. 17.4m members in the Documentaries community. FINALLY my reaction to "The World's A Little Blurry" documentary. I Love You, Now Die … Movies often depict the darker aspects of out world, but we can enjoy them for the fictional works they are. 3 years ago. They treat westerners like myself with respect but you can tell they don't think much of you (especially because I'm a woman). YouTube documentaries are proof that the age-old idiom "the truth is stranger than fiction" often still applies. Shocking revelations in Britney Spears documentary from Justin Timberlake romance to sexism. Pop some non-GMO popcorn and settle onto the couch for some fascinating, groundbreaking and life-altering viewing! Share. Reddit LinkedIn ... It’s an understatement to say that real life is more shocking than the movies these days, but documentary filmmakers have always known this to be true. Share. level 2. Serves as motivation when they keep reminding about it. This documentary follows Kitty's brother as he tries to uncover the truth behind what happened. 1. It majorly damaged SeaWorld's image and that damage has lasted to this day. Documentaries have grown considerably more ambitious since Fred Ott’s Sneeze, an 1894 clip that documents the irritated sinus cavities of its subject in just five seconds. Over 1000 of the most edgy, crazy, disturbing, controversial, shocking, bizarre, scandalous and downright f---ed up films of all time! Page 1 of 2. The Film: Waiting for "Superman" is one of those documentaries that made everyone who watched it instantly call their friends and tell them they had to drop everything they're doing and see it right away. The documentary looks at five years in the life of an upstate New Yorker named Kathy Murphy, whose acquisition and insistence on keeping 200 chicken, turkeys, ducks, and geese at … Canada's Dark Secret (2017) - A shocking documentary about the extensive education system set up by the Canadian government and administered by churches with the objective of indoctrinating Aboriginal children into the Euro-Canadian and Christian way of life [00:47:30] History. Director: Amy Berg | Stars: Oliver O'Grady, Thomas Doyle, … Even President Obama declared himself a huge fan. In the documentary, filthy sexual abuse of the female gymnasts is revealed, and the main culprit is the USA Team doctor – Larry Nassar. There are a ton of JFK documentaries out there, but this is probably the most well-made. The documentary opens with several harried calls to 911, describing a horrific crash off the Taconic State Parkway. Stranger than fiction: the most shocking documentaries ever As Three Identical Strangers surprises audiences with its unlikely true story, here are other wild tales that became films . Votes: 24,242 | Gross: $3.12M Here ya go! by Anna Kopsky. tl;dw. 825 votes, 93 comments. Documentaries were popularized by their way of inviting the viewer in a first person interaction with the subject but that's far from being the norm. When the Levees Broke , Spike Lee, 2006 17.4m members in the Documentaries community. These documentaries are powerful, shocking, heartbreaking, and intense, and each will expand the horizons of the viewers open to learning more about the world Report Save. Close. Documentary about Father Oliver O'Grady, a Catholic priest who was relocated to various parishes around the United States during the 1970s in an attempt by the Catholic Church to cover up his rape of dozens of children. Welcome to /r/MorbidReality, a subreddit devoted to the most disturbing content … The documentaries listed here cover a wide range of subjects, including murder, missing persons cases, sex crimes, climate change, the food industry, politics, and animal abuse. tl;dw. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. The documentaries that expose the stories of these malicious groups reveal the dark world of extreme beliefs from splitting families to true illegal activity. 19 Seriously Scary Documentaries That’ll Scare The Hell Out Of You. We love documentaries at WIRED and, as this list proves, there are dozens of great ones worthy of your time and attention. LINKS AND P.O. 3 years ago. If you're new, Subscribe! From murder, mayhem, madness and tigers to a sex trafficking scandal that hit the headlines, Netflix has a huge list of documentaries … 25 of the best Netflix documentaries to watch right now. 2. BuzzFeed Staff. Check out some of the best true crime documentaries you can stream right now on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and other platforms. Welcome to Top10Archive! I live in the UAE, some of the locals see anyone who is not Arab as second-class. You'll never relax again. 810 votes, 76 comments. Reddit definitely replaces and improve the need to be connected to the world, and anonymous interaction feels way more honest, in Facebook I can't be myself without fearing social judgment. 2020 has been a particular good year for documentaries all over the world, as the international political situation along with the pandemic have presented much material for some films. 598k members in the MorbidReality community.