It's been featured in Texas Monthly and Southern Living magazines, and many of the rooms offer riverfront access. Learn more and connect on Pinterest. The Best Dining in Gruene. The best part about Gruene Grove is the staff. If you’re looking to sample some good wine while in Gruene, The Grapevine is definitely an inviting stop (heck, the refreshing cool of the misters spraying clouds of fine cold water across the porch is enough to draw anybody in). It’s such a cute little town. The adults can sit at the table and enjoy wine and the kids can kick a ball around, play chase, or meet other kids. I’ve lived in San Antonio for 3 years now, but have never been. She graduates in 2 months! I’m craving a burger from Gristmill now that you’ve got me thinking about them! Great location, easy to find. Once in Gruene Hall, visitors can view the complete list of famous singers that have performed there. Even in years like this when the water levels are low and the river’s flow rolls at a snail’s pace at times, in our opinion there’s still no better way to spend a hot summer Texas day. I’ll have to go! Thank you for the info!! an episode of Kaitlyn Bristowe's season of The Bachelorette. Daisy could spend hours in this store — most of it perched at the old-fashioned ice cream counter. Aside from all the great shops I've already mentioned, here are a few more you might want to check out while you're in the area: Gruene Lake Village is a short drive from the main street area. Theaters. She loves ordering scoops of Blue Bell Ice Cream in a cone, while I prefer sampling the fudge varieties. The landmark water tower in Gruene can be seen from miles away and has quite a history to it, including a depressed town manager who hung himself from the famous beacon and a dent in the cap of the tower that occurred during a land dispute. Before we moved to the Austin area we’d always heard of Gruene, primarily because when you grow up or live in Texas for any length of time you’ll hear about a place called Gruene Hall, which as Kevin Geil very aptly pointed out in our video is the “Grand Ole Opry of Texas.” It’s the legendary Texas dance hall, and after well over 100 years in operation it still regularly attracts big crowds and some of the biggest names in music. Tasty tacos, juicy burgers, sizzling fajitas, and more! Gruene building. Watching that show inspires my travels half the time. Without fail. Check out some of the best highlights from the Steelers career of Hall of Famer Jerome Bettis. There so much more to see and do in Gruene than what we’ve mentioned, and when you visit you’ll see why it’s a favorite stop for lots of folks. One of the many great things about living in Central Texas is the fact that within two hours’ drive there are literally hundreds of great places to explore and enjoy. Lots of room to sit inside or out. It's a lovely place to just rest and chill for a bit. I typically order their delicious old-fashioned burger with round cut Gristmill fries. If you've never visited, you're missing out on one of the most adorable little towns in the Texas Hill Country. Some might argue that the Gristmill is also just another over—hyped tourist trap, but we’ve honestly never had a bad experience there. Click on each image to see it larger and view the source. So best to call ahead to any companies operating in New Braunfels to find out what the current regulations are. We are headed to Gruene today. Winery on the Gruene is located just up the hill from Guadalupe River about a block west of Gruene Hall. Gruene (pronounced “green” — and often mistakenly referred to as Greene Texas!) The floor is typically always … And even though we’re not big “antiquers” we still love walking through the place and checking out all the groovy stuff. One of the many great things about living in Central Texas is the fact that within two hours’ drive there are literally hundreds of great places to explore and enjoy. One of the most unique dining spots in the state! Smoothies mit Best of Greens Grüne Pflanzen Nachdem ich meine Frau kennenlernte, kam ich einer vernünftigen Ernährung einen Schritt näher. The historic Gruene Mansion Inn is centrally located and just steps away from Gruene Hall and The Gristmill Restaurant. He wears chaps and a cowboy hat, and he has a bag full of candy canes that he passes out to the kids. Gruene, Texas… you can’t get lost, but you can vanish for a few hours. Simply put — it's all about the alcohol! I’ve never even heard of this place before and now I really want to go! (We’re saving our gushing remarks about Gruene Hall for a special blog post tomorrow by the way.). Grab a Bite to Eat at the Gristmill. ⭐ Discount Alert: You're welcome to use my Airbnb credit on your first Airbnb home rental or experience to get up to $65 off! Start planning for Greene. Gruene building and a stone’s throw across the street from Gruene Hall. Gruene Hall is Texas' oldest continually operating dance hall, and the building's age is apparent from the moment you enter the screen doors and step onto the slanted and rickety old wooden floors. But it was only during our first actual visit to Gruene many years ago when we realized there was much more to this groovy little spot on the map than just the dance hall. You can opt to dine inside what remains of the historic old cotton gin building, or outside on the multi-level wooden decks that overlook the Guadalupe River (which we always do, even if it’s a blazing 100 degrees outside). They operate under tents that are set up on the main street (Hunter St.) in front of Adobe Verde. ), The Ultimate Guide to River Street in Savannah, GA, Savannah Shopping: The Essential Guide to Broughton Street, Get the Inside Scoop on 50+ Incredible Things To Do in Savannah Georgia, Cheesy Caption Alert: Nights like this make me fal, It seems like everyone I’ve talked to today is h, Dear Savannah Homeowner, Located in Fort Worth, Billy Bob’s is the ideal honky tonk. If you are in Gruene you need to stop by. Hahaha! The Gristmill Restaurant is the shell of the old cotton gin. The store also sells various flavored nuts, seasoned popcorn, pralines, brittle, and more. is a great weekend getaway destination and home to Texas' oldest dance hall. Winery on the Gruene got lucky when this location became available, right in the center of Gruene! The Great Texas Pecan Candy Co. is my second favorite place to stop for food. You’re probably wondering about the dance hall we mentioned, so we’ll put the highlight … It isn't a dine-in shop, but the sweet gentleman behind the counter is very generous when handing out samples. You have to try the Pecan Roca Toffee!! Essential Greene. I bet your parents will love Gruene. It's situated high on the banks of the Guadalupe River, so it has incredible views and direct access to the water. I am a big fan of your en, Throwback pic! Grapevine has a large semi-fenced outdoor seating area with picnic tables and I see kids running around that area all the time. Create a Trip to save and organize all of your travel ideas, and see them on a map. GRISTMILL RIVER RESTAURANT & BAR. Best of all, tastings are still free (giddyup!) So, last but definitely not least…. It’s not too far from Dallas. 3/30/2020. Every time we’ve been there the place has been jammed with people, and the isles and merchandise inside are so closely packed together that it’s easy to feel a bit claustrophobic. Located on the original Gruene family farm, our historic buildings, central location, and authentic charm offers a wedding venue and reception space that is unmatched by other Texas wedding venues. On any given week you'll find live entertainment that ranges from hugely popular current stars to up-and-coming local Texas acts. It’s without a doubt Gruene’s most popular dining spot, so it can definitely get pretty crowded during peak times. Billy Bob’s. If you find this post helpful, please share these tips about Gruene TX on Pinterest so other travelers can benefit from it! You can read our affiliate policy here. Create a Trip. Gruene Hall has been the center of Gruene's social activity since 1878 and remains virtually untouched since that time. Funny. How cute is the ice cream and soda fountain area at Gruene General Store?! Although they still need to fill the majority of the shops, it's a great place for photo opps! Daisy and I like to park in Historic Gruene and walk down Hunter Street until we hit the bridge, then kick off our shoes and go exploring. They have a Christmas tree on display year-round, so be sure to pick out an ornament to commemorate your visit! The actual historic downtown area in Gruene is only a couple blocks wide, so you can easily navigate the entire town in one day. Holidays in Gruene is an annual event bursting with small town Texas charm. The neighborhood is home to 37 hotels and other accommodations, so you can find something that works for your stay. Get to Know Gruene! And the list goes on. There is a wine tasting room where you can sample a large selection of Texas wines that can be purchased by the glass, bottle, or case, and they also have beer on tap. Cool 1. However, boll weevils and the Great Depression took their toll, and Gruene was essentially a ghost town by the 1950's. Staying Near Gruene Hall 209. It lists their phone number as (210) 865-7956. In 1872, H.D. I absolutely adore Gruene Hall! The crowds aren’t nearly as big across the street at the Gruene Antique Company, housed in the historic old H.D. The listed Bar, Catering and Security Companies are required for you to choose from. Create a Trip. A must-see is the Gruene General Store. You could walk, but it’s a bit of a long walk and in today’s heat, I’d suggest driving. I really love all cute decorations around the holidays too! Useful 4. Several famous country singers and legends have performed at Gruene Hall. In addition to cute B&Bs, I also love to stay in Airbnb rentals when I travel — and there are plenty of cute ones in Gruene and New Braunfels. The covered breezeway next to Gruene General Store makes a great spot to enjoy a glass of wine or some ice cream. 15. Gruene General Store is perfect for kids and the young-at-heart. Here's a list of fun family-friendly things to do in the charming small town of Gruene, Texas. I have a bad habit of snacking at the other shops in the area while I'm shopping, so it's nice to save room so I can sample goodies elsewhere. Great list! Great food, great atmosphere, and friendly service. How many of you own your own, What’s something unique you’ve discovered duri, Confectionery & Gameroom That’s an inter, Today we honor the men and women who lost their li, This tiny house is actually a museum — and one w, Savannah is jam-packed with houses, so that means, I feel like dedicating all of my posts this week t, I have so many thoughts about this building. The building is an antique itself, built in 1903 by Henry D. Gruene as a mercantile shop. A word of warning about beverages though: the city of New Braunfels – of which Gruene is a part – has banned “disposable beverage containers” from the rivers in town (i.e., beer and soda cans and bottles) so you may have to, shall we say, get creative if you want to enjoy a cold drink while you tube. Die Süßigkeiten ließ ich vor dem Mittagsessen weg und die Gemüsesuppen schmeckten mir plötzlich. Old Gruene Market Days happens the first full 3rd weekend of each month (except January) and the event showcases local artisans who offer a wide variety of handcrafted items. I wrote this post about the historic section of Gruene (the main 2 blocks), but there’s a newer section that has some fantastic shopping that I also need to write about. From mouthwatering classics to soon-to-be new favorites. Selected as one of the 40 best places to visit in Texas, you can indulge in homemade fudge, a soda fountain, unique Texas foods like spicy pickled quail eggs, unusual gifts, antiques, and more in the nostalgic setting.. Definitely worth the trip! There’s a great little gelato/ice cream shop there, too–perfect for today!! Gruene Historic District – Best Things to do in Gruene Texas. If you're interested in water sports and in checking out nearby Schlitterban Park, the Gruene River Inn is a good option. And the little town of Gruene is one of the best on the list. They also provide canoes, stand-up paddleboards and white-water rafting (when conditions allow) if tubing isn’t necessarily your thing. Gruene was founded in the 1840's by German farmers and was once a booming commerce center. Too m, share these tips about Gruene TX on Pinterest. Whether you like shopping, adventuring, or eating, here are 10 fun things to do in Gruene, Texas. 1. The most magical part of the evening is when he flips a special switch and the entire town alights with the twinkly glow of Christmas lights. It's located in a prime spot along the banks of the Guadalupe River and has a beautiful view, particularly in late fall or winter when the trees have dropped their leaves. Menus, Photos, Ratings and Reviews for Best Restaurants in Gruene. Things To Do In Gruene, Texas. Even the famous water tower receives a colorful treatment that can be seen from neighboring small towns! NOW PLAYING video Best of Cam Heyward Relive Cam Heyward's top plays from the 2019 season. You'll find historic B&Bs throughout the town, including one that was the town founder's original residence! Zomato is the best way to discover great places to eat in your city. They have free wifi, a complimentary continental breakfast, and free parking. Rockin' R River Rides offers water activities, such as tubing (a Texas tradition), rafting, and canoe trips. CANTINA DEL RIO | (830) 515-1950 "Best Margarita in New Braunfels" 9 years running! Have fun! My parents are coming to visit me in May and I’m taking them to Gruene. Loved this post! You could stop by Fredericksburg, too, if you like seeing cute little towns all lit up for the holidays. So here’s our to-see-and-do list for a visit to Gruene: We arrived in Gruene right at lunchtime and kicked off our visit with a tasty mid-day meal at a place called Mozies, located on the corner of the old H.D. Start planning for Greene. It is located at the intersection of Gruene Road and at the end of Hunter road. which we’ve learned is a rarity after visiting a number of wineries and tasting rooms around the country. The Gruene General Store is arguably the most “touristy” place in Gruene, and yet we still make a point to stroll through the place every time we visit. They frequently have live musical acts performing in the garden, and it's hard not to be drawn in to see what's happening. Our easy-to-use app shows you all the restaurants and nightlife options in your city, along with menus, photos, and reviews. ⭐ Insider Tip: Gruene Hall is standing room only, but it's an open-air dance hall and you can listen to the music from the garden area outside if you aren't able to elbow your way indoors. The building and the surroundings alone are worth stopping by to see – but the food really is fantastic and takes the place over the top. In the ruins of an authentic 135 year old cotton gin overlooking the scenic Guadalupe River and just behind Gruene Hall, this Texas original offers nine dining areas with native stone fireplaces, lush surroundings and sweeping views of the river. You can taste test each of the butter and salsa samples. Pin It for Later: 10 Things To Do in Gruene Texas, PINTEREST | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | YOUTUBE. Whether you want to experience the city like a tourist or follow the locals, check out this great resource for your trip. Come on by and take part in the festivities. It’s called Gruene Lake Village. Think hand-crafted leather, Texas photographs and artwork, jewelry, canned goods, children's clothing, spices/dips, etc. It's an ideal stop for families because there's something delightful for all ages. Really. Very cool. See all. Greene Tourism: Best of Greene. Almost every restaurant or shop is located on one of two streets, so it's a very walkable town. It’s hard to miss – literally next door to the General Store – and it’s another one of those places that’s just very… well…  Gruene. It is most commonly spotted in the background of Instagram shots featuring #gruenehall. If you're seeking a unique travel destination, Gruene is one of my favorite small towns in Texas! Despite being stocked with all the trappings of a schmaltzy Texas souvenir shop, it’s a very cool old building with a fun, nostalgic vibe. It's my top choice and one of my favorite items to give as a Christmas gift. Gruene is a very small town, so you'll need to search far in advance if you're planning to visit during a weekend when a major event is scheduled. We do also … Here's a list of my favorite things to do in Gruene TX, plus lots of photos to inspire your next trip! There is even space upstairs to … Located across from Gruene Hall, this antique store-meets-museum of sorts is over 6,000 square feet and offers an array of antiques, collectibles, gifts, and décor. Cheers! Mine do! Places to see, ways to wander, and signature experiences. Alibi Boutique has some really great (trendy/new) clothes and accessories. Local student Chip Kaufman was credited for saving the historic buildings from being razed. Yum. Related Reading: Enjoy the Holidays in Gruene TX. I was there last weekend and purchased a cross. TFTR Top 10: What to Do and See in Gruene, Texas. Essential Greene. DID YOU KNOW? You will enjoy this truly inspiring musical treasury of his unforgettable performances from the … It's rated #1 on TripAdvisor! Stop into the Gruene Antique Company store and shop for antiques and other collectibles. What is the name of the place with he roosters? Go play. Even when visiting during the winter months, Daisy can't help but roll up her jeans and dip her toes in the crystal clear water of the Guadalupe! Make sure to sign up for our e-news to … Sarah H. Austin, TX. Shop for 336 deals to get the best room price. Menus, Photos, Ratings and Reviews for Best Breakfast in Gruene. Sometimes I'll simply opt for a drink with a side dish, since their sides are very filling. Best Restaurants in Gruene. Have fun! Go play. It's a great vacation spot for the family, with a variety of activities for young and old alike. If you want them to sit at the table with you, I’d suggest buying them an ice cream cone from the general store next door and they can bring it to Grapevine. Yes, that’s the same Daisy from the scrapbook magazines — except she’s practically an adult now. Listed below are some of the vendors that we know and love. Greene Tourism: Best of Greene. This site uses cookies and similar technologies to analyse traffic, personalise content and ads, and provide social media features. Explore the best of Gruene! EAT IN GRUENE HISTORIC DISTRICT. Robert Habeck, der grüne Alleinherrscher? Have a great time, Michele! Premium tequila, sangria and beer. The water is cold, but on a hot summer day in Texas it's just the ticket! Especially since I’m a huge Bachelor fan so you can find me at Gruene Hall. Reality TV show fans: Gruene Hall was featured in an episode of Kaitlyn Bristowe's season of The Bachelorette. See if you can find where she added her initials and a heart to one of the posts! The only downside to the General Store (other than the touristy nature of the place) is the crowd. Create a Trip to save and organize all of your travel ideas, and see them on a map. Outdoor dining and bar. Gruene constructed this Victorian home as his place of residence along the Guadelupe. How to Rent a Vacation Home You'll Absolutely Love, 5 Things To Do on a Day Trip to Bluffton, SC, Click here to learn a little more about us…. As we speak there’s an ongoing battle in the court system over this very issue, and the status of the “can ban” as they call it is very much fluid (awesome pun intended). (Wisconsin) I can’t make out the wording on the side of the building. We have been named to Wedding Wire and The Knot’s best of list every year since 2015. Thanks for this great post! I would love to stay in the Gruene Mansion Inn and eat at the Gristmill River Restaruant! Choose from 14 hotels in Gruene with prices starting from USD 33 per night. Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions. ⠀ Come home to the Augusta at Gruene, the best apartments in New Braunfels with fantastic amenities and a peaceful setting just outside of San Marcos, TX. I'd suggest sampling to determine your favorites, then purchase the container that holds 3 varieties of your choice. We value your privacy. Gruene is the perfect day trip from Austin or San Antonio — at approximately 40 minutes from either city (varies with traffic). Gruene Music & Wine Festival occurs during the beautiful fall season and is one of Gruene's most popular annual events. Otherwise, you should be able to find accommodations easily! As mentioned in the video they offer a few different tubing options, and they like most companies provide a shuttle service to carry you from the end of your float back to your car. It's ranked as one of the top 40 places to visit in Texas and is packed to the brim with food, toys, books, and unique Texas souvenirs. Gruene is loved for its riverfront and gardens, and has lots of places to visit like Gruene Hall. Gruene Hall, built in 1878, is Texas’ oldest continually operating and most famous dance hall. But the wait is absolutely worth it (plus, if the wait’s too long you can just pop into Gruene Hall next door for a cold beer while you’re hanging out). The place is a maze of room dividers and display cases, and is packed from wall to wall with all sorts of kitchy, crazy cool collectibles, furniture and knick-knacks. Great post! Tubing (or “toobing” as many call it) the Guadalupe River is really just a great time. The Grapevine is probably one of the first establishments you'll spot if you park in the main parking lot in Gruene. Select it if you love nature and want to relax on a rocking chair while enjoying beautiful Texas scenery. Make a lasting impression with your weekend sweetheart by taking the short drive and checking in on a few of the following digs. 10. She spends her days exploring the Lowcountry and writing about its unique beauty. Is the Grapevine okay to visit with children? Freeze Frame Bowl / Splitz Bar & Grill. I don’t think they have a website, but they do have a Facebook page. That store is called Rusty Bugs & Roosters. Gruene Hall. Out –of-this-world chicken fried steak, grilled shrimp, killer ribs, tasty veggies, cold beer. Kaaterskill Falls. It’s cold, but the water is pretty calm and shallow (unless for some reason we get a huge rainstorm in the days before). That's where he visits with the crowd and hands out candy canes. Our easy-to-use app shows you all the restaurants and nightlife options in your city, along with menus, photos, and reviews. I love it there, too! for the stuff. In Gruene, Santa is better known as “Cowboy Kringle” and he sports a cowboy hat, chaps and boots. So you can park your car and leave it parked all day while you walk everywhere you want to go. The tasting room definitely has a very casual, very western feel to it, and they’ve got a wide variety of fabulous Texas and non-Texas wines from which to choose. The inn is currently a 31-room bed & breakfast, but it once served as the town founder's home. A true Southerner, she'll stop to chat with anyone, and that gift of gab has led to many off-the-beaten-path discoveries. And the little town of Gruene is one of the best on the list. The walls are covered with photos of some of the most famous country artists imaginable — many of whom got their start at Gruene Hall. Erin Clarkson is an award-winning photographer, Savannah-based blogger, and author of the Savannah First-Timer's Guide. So enjoy! Everyone! The Guadalupe River is stunningly beautiful and is a great place for taking pictures, playing in the water, or going tubing. By design, not much has physically changed since the Hall was first built. Cowboy Kris Kringle is an authentic Texas Santa! We recommend you to check other playlists or our favorite music charts. The best of Texas cuisine is right here in Gruene! Gruene Estate is Texas’s premier hill country wedding venue. My favorite is their Amaretto Pecan Honey Butter! Best of all, everything in town is located literally within an area the size of a couple of city blocks. I live in Dallas and I’ve never heard of Gruene! And if you don’t at least take a minute to walk through the place you’re missing out. That's when the entire town is aglow with lights, and everything looks so magical! 17. The festival features the very best in live Texas music paired with wine and beer tasting events. See all. The Samsung Galaxy A51 is probably the best mid-ranger you can get from Samsung. There are a total of about 15 shops in Gruene Lake, so it’s worth it to drive there from the historic section. In addition to the wide selection of cowboy hats, candies, signs, magnets, keychains and the like, you can also sample several different kinds of tasty local, homemade sauces and salsas and treat yourself to some fantastic hand-dipped ice cream at the old soda fountain. Chenango River Theatre. And again, be sure to check out our special post about Gruene Hall, along with some very cool photos. There's also a large section of flavored butter, salsas, and preserves available to taste. Thanks for stopping by! It overlooks The Grapevine. If you've been to Gruene, Texas then you've … It sports a great display and a fantastic build quality, considering the price of the phone. And since we had a couple of days to kill between adventures these past few weeks, we thought we’d pay a quick visit to Gruene, and put some material together to share with all of you guys out there in internet-land. Parking is free and plentiful all over town! They visit so many incredible destinations! Gruene Hall's website has a calendar of upcoming performers and info for purchasing tickets to shows or dance lessons. All in all, you’ll love a visit to Gruene – whether it’s just for a few hours or a couple of days. Just try not to startle the horses. While Gruene is beautiful throughout the year, my favorite time to visit is during the Christmas season. Gristmill River Restaurant & Bar is probably the most well-known restaurant in Gruene and for good reason; the food is scrumptious. You won't regret it! Friends and family go nuts (ha!) Everything I've ever sampled off the menu at Gristmill has been delicious; it's one of those restaurants that gets my order right every single time. (Obviously, all diets are off when visiting the ‘mill!) These are some of the best of the best in the industry, listed in one spot, so you don’t have to go searching. If you get a chance, stop by there, too! During the annual town lighting ceremony, he rides down Hunter Street (on his horse, of course) and stops just shy of Gruene Hall. Your daughter looked so familiar to me and it’s because I followed your memory keeping work years ago! It … The Best Of Buddy Greene features this fun-loving, harmonica-playing country boy from Georgia. Some of these singers include Willie Nelson, George Strait, and Lyle Lovett. Highly recommended. Gruene Hall is located in a historic area of New Braunfels known for its beautiful river views and water park. GRUENE HISTORIC DISTRICT OFFICIAL CALENDAR. The town is known for the great history and is home to Gruene hall (the oldest dance hall in Texas). 6. Click here to learn a little more about us…, How to do Fake Freckles Makeup - UPDATED (Includes Video! Zomato is the best way to discover great places to eat in your city. I just moved to Atlanta from Canada and I’m trying to visit as much of the South as possible so this is totally added to my list. And for dinner, there’s really no better place in Gruene than The Gristmill. Von wegen: Co-Chefin Annalena Baerbock hat genausoviel Feuer und bietet der Männerwelt im Parlament die Stirn.